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Recent Research activity

The scientific activity of the XAS laboratory has been mainly focused on Research and Development of XAS x-ray absorption spectroscopy since the early 90s. This activity is internationally recognized (see also publications, highlights and awards).

Current research lines include:
  • 1) Matter under extreme conditions using advanced spectroscopic techniques at synchrotron radiation (high pressure/high temperature cells) and free-electron-laser facilities.
  • 2) Structural characterization of advanced nanomaterials for energy-related applications.
  • 3) Development of new data-analysis and simulation methods for x-ray absorption and related techniques using synchrotron radiation and FELs.
    More information about research of our group can be found browsing our publication and highlights lists.

    Funding and active projects

    The XAS group is involved in the national PRIN project NEWLI (NEW LIght on transient states in condensed matter by advanced photon - electron spectroscopies, 2016-1019 grant 2015CL3APH). The Unicam principal investigator is Prof. A. Di Cicco, with Prof. R. Gunnella, and Dr. Angela Trapananti. NEWLI is an Italian funded PRIN multisite collaborative project (4 Universities and CNR).
    NEWLI documentation

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