XAS laboratory equipments

Brief description of the laboratory

The XAS laboratory is hosted in a 120 m2 room, where several experimental and data-analysis activities are carried out by students and researchers. This large room hosts:
- several standard tools for (XAS, XRD, XPS, Raman) sample production and manipulation.
- advanced optical microscopy devices and tools for diamond anvil cells (driller, gas pressurization)
- large volume high pressure (Paris-Edinburgh) devices
- furnaces for XAS/XRD and sample treatments
- homemade advanced powder-diffraction setup (for high T,P)
The room is also equipped for XAS/XRD data-analysis.
The XAS laboratory personnel run also different equipments and laboratory, used also for teaching and for research in collaboration with other groups including:
- setup for metal evaporation under vacuum (laboratory 4th year of physics)
- double laser/double microscopy microRaman equipment (Math building) with variable temperature, mapping and other in-situ capabilities
- high resolution SEM (basement)

Technical infos for the lab (Wiki)

Updated information and detailed directions for the usage of various devices have been recently (Jan 2019) included in a wiki by G. Polzoni. We recommend visiting this page if you are using our facilities.

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