Collaborations in our home university:

  • Dr. R. Gunnella, EXAFS, XPS AFM of functional materials, films, and nanocrystalline materials (Physics Department).
  • Dr. F. Nobili, Prof. R. Marassi, Dr. R. Giovannetti, Dr. Roberto Tossici, Li-ion cells, fuel cells, nanomaterials, EXAFS and XRD (Chemistry Department).
  • Prof. Eleonora Paris, Prof. Mike Carroll, Dr. Gabriele Giuli, x-ray diffraction and EXAFS under extreme conditions of glasses and minerals (Earth Science Department).


Collaborations with other Italian groups:

  • Prof. Adriano Filipponi, methods and applications of the EXAFS technique, high pressure experiments (L'Aquila University, Physics Department).
  • Prof. P. D'Angelo, applications of EXAFS in molecules and solutions, molecular-dynamics (Roma 1 University, Chemistry Department).
  • Dr. M. Santoro, high pressure experiments (LENS, Univ. Firenze).
  • Dr. R. Celino, molecular-dynamics calculations (ENEA Casaccia).
  • Prof. P. Postorino(Univ. Roma 1, Physics Department), Raman and EXAFS of functional materials.
  • Dr. C. R. Natoli, development of EXAFS data-analysis methods (GNXAS programs) (INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati).
  • Dr. S. De Panfilis, liquid metals(IIT, Roma La Sapienza).
  • Dr. G. Aquilanti, EXAFS experiments (ELETTRA, Trieste).
  • Dr. A. Trapananti, EXAFS measurements and data-analysis.


Active International Collaborations:

  • Dr. F. Baudelet, Dr. Alain Polian, high-pressure techniques for EXAFS and diffraction measurements (Paris VI University).
  • Dr. A. Witkowska, molecular-dynamics simulations and interpretation of EXAFS spectra of liquid metals and glasses (Politechnika Gdanska, Poland)
  • Prof. S. Passerini, materials for li-ion cells (KIT, Ulm, Germany).
  • Dr. M. A. Munoz, XPS and EXAFS of electrodes(CIC Energigune, Victoria, Spain).


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