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New home page for lab XAS (under construction)
XAS group @ Camerino University
Principal Investigator: Prof. Andrea Di Cicco MAIL HOME
Associate researcher: Dr. Marco Minicucci MAIL HOME
Associate researcher: Dr. Keisuke Hatada MAIL HOME
Students: F. Iesari L. Properzi - -
Affiliated groups @ Camerino University
Surface Science: Prof. Roberto Gunnella MAIL HOME
External Collaborators
Dr. Angela Trapananti (CNR, Grenoble) MAIL HOME
Dr. Agnieszka Witkowska (Gdansk University of Technology) MAIL HOME
Prof. Adriano Filipponi (University of L'Aquila) MAIL HOME
Dr. Federica Coppari (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) MAIL HOME
Dr. Giuliana Aquilanti (ELETTRA XAFS beamline) MAIL HOME
Dr. Emiliano Principi (FERMIatELETTRA FEL) MAIL HOME
Former Collaborators
Dr. Simone De Panfilis (......) MAIL HOME
Dr. Roberta Poloni (......) MAIL HOME
Dr. Gabriele Pratesi (ARPAT Firenze) MAIL HOME
Dr. Lucia Comez (University of Perugia) MAIL HOME
Dr. Francesco Sperandini (ELCOLAB s.r.l.) MAIL HOME
Full list of former students

XAS Group Address: Sezione di Fisica, Scuola di Scienze e Tecnologie, Università di Camerino
Via Madonna delle Carceri, 9 I-62032 Camerino (MC) Italy. VIEW THE MAP

Sponsored by
UNICAM UNICAM Scuola di Scienze, Sezione di Fisica
Development of GNXAS® package was supported by
CNR (last contract 98.00475.ST76) in 1995-1998
INFM supported our activity from 1999 to 2003


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