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E.S.R.F. activity reports 1996-

  • Structure of the electrode/electrolyte interface in advanced Li-ion batteries (14 Nov 2014) PDF file
  • Degradation mechanism of novel carbon and heteropolyacids salts supported fuel cell cathode catalysts: effect of ageing on the microstructure (29 Feb 2012) PDF file
  • Novel Pt-Cs-W electrocatalysts for PEM fuel cell investigated by in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy (30 July 2008) PDF file
  • Study of fuel cells catalysts atomic structure using x-ray absorption spectroscopy (30 Aug 2006) PDF file
  • Liquid and solid bismuth under pressure: undercooling and polymorphism (3 Aug 2006) PDF file
  • Ordering in metal trichloride melts (Mar 2005) PDF file
  • Structural properties of solid and molten Ge-Si alloys in the dilute limit (1 Sep 2003) PDF file
  • Structure and phase transitions of metal alloys under pressure (27 Feb 2003) PDF file
  • Local structure in liquid matter under extreme conditions (long term, 30 Aug 2002) PDF file A, PDF file B
  • Local structure of ionic and super-ionic solid and liquid ternary solutions probed by XAS (23 Aug 2001) PDF file
  • Structural transitions in superionic systems at high pressure and temperature (16 Feb 2001) PDF file
  • AgGe alloy phase diagram at high pressure (25 Aug 1999) PDF file
  • Precise determination of inter-atomic potential in simple molecules by XAS (25 Aug 1999) PDF file
  • Short-range structure of binary salts (25 Aug 1999) PDF file
  • Zintl ions in liquid alloys under extreme conditions (16 Aug 1999) PDF file
  • Structural investigation of gas-phase metal halides (18 Mar 1999) PDF file
  • Short range order in liquids (15 Feb 1999) PDF file
  • Undercooling phenomena and short range order in liquid metals (25 Feb 1998) PDF file
  • Short range order in liquid tellurium (28 Feb 1997) PDF file
  • EXAFS in molten fifth period metals (29 Feb 1996) PDF file
  • EXAFS at extremely high temperatures at BM29 (22 Feb 1996) PDF file

L.U.R.E. activity report 1997-2000

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