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XAFS17 Krakow 2018 XAFS17 Krakow 2018 - last picture XAFS 4 Conference Fontevraud 1986 XAFS 4 Conference Fontevraud 1986 - first picture
Full list of pictures (International school Varenna 1988) Full list of conference/school pictures

DCI oven XAS oven working at LURE
Last ADONE night Last ADONE night
ESRF BM29 oven L'Aquila-Camerino oven working at BM29 (ESRF)
XRD oven at BM29 New XAS/XRD furnace working at BM29 (ESRF)
Large Volume at ESRF BM29 Large-volume Paris-Edinbourgh press operating at BM29 (ESRF)
ESRF multichannel XRD multiple channel setup at BM29 ESRF

Life of the group
GNXAS 1992 GNXAS workshop 1992
GNXAS 1996 GNXAS workshop 1996
Jacopo The youngest member of the group (Jacopo)!
Filipponi and Di Cicco A. Filipponi and A. Di Cicco at the JUMBO beamline.
Filipponi and Di Cicco Kr experiment at D11 (Lure). Di Cicco, Polian and Filipponi.
A. Filipponi "Young scientist award" to Adriano Filipponi (Ako 2000)
BM29/GNXAS and FEFF teams BM29/GNXAS and FEFF teams at the SPring-8 banquet (Ako 2000)
GNXAS group GNXAS team at ESRF jun 2001
GNXAS group GNXAS group with K. Hayakawa and K. Hatada (XAS LAB Camerino 3/2002)
Di Cicco's former students Di Cicco's former students dinner (Camerino 18 nov 2006)
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