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GNXAS was originally developed with the support of the Italian Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) (under contracts 95.01978.ST76, 96.00844.ST76), and later by INFM. Since 2000, it is maintained by the XAS group on a voluntary basis. It is presently released free of charge to registered users of academic, research, and no-profit institutions. The main purpose of the registration procedure is to create an updated mailing list containing information on the users, for sending further information.
By submitting the registration form the subscriber agrees that the programs are NOT going to be used for military research, nuclear research (with the exclusion of waste environmental research), and any kind of classified research, or for profit purposes.

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The programs are Free of Charge for non-profit Institutions.
By submitting this order you will be considered a member of a non-profit institution. Special agreements has to be stipulated with authors for profit institutions.
Programs can be downloaded through www


N.B.: If your browser has troubles with the form, copy and paste this file in a e-mail, fill it up and send it to A. Di Cicco.


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