Linux, MAC operating systems

PC Linux 32 bit download page (exes and Mint 17.3 iso)

PC Linux 64 bit download page

Mac OSX 10.12.6 64 bit download page

w-GNXAS package (GUI) may be available only on specific request

(please contact F. Iesari for more infos).

Windows versions are presently not available

Please contact K. Hatada for more infos.


  • 1) A new version of the GNXAS suite of programs has been compiled using the gfortran compiler over several different platforms (Linux Ubuntu 14.04 32 bit, Linux Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, Mac OSX 10.6.8 32 bit and 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit). Preparation of the sources have been carried out mainly by Prof. K. Hatada. The programs have been not extensively tested but to the best of our knowledge they run smoothly on several different computers and platforms. GNXAS users should not need libraries or compilers for the installation because those versions are statically-linked programs.
  • 2) w-GNXAS is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of GNXAS that helps you to create and run input files for the various programs of the GNXAS package. It has been developed using wx-Python and is currently available for Linux and Windows systems. The interface has been not extensively tested and should be considered a "beta" release. It contains only the main programs and has a simplified input that does not allow full exploitation of the features of the program.
  • 3) Follow the instructions reported on the GNXAS website for proper installation of GNXAS. Programs have an expiration date (currently end of 2018) and must be reinstalled after the given expiration date. Please refer to the GNXAS manual(s) for proper usage of the software. The technical and scientific features of the current GNXAS version (11.2013) are identical to those of version 12.2006 described in the website and in the manuals.
  • 4) Linux and MAC versions of the Topdrawer graphic software have been added to the distribution for your convenience (td_ executables). No executable for Windows have been produced. Graphical output can be anyway obtained using available software (gnuplot and more).
  • 5) Please report any problem/misfunction using this version of the programs to K. Hatada and A. Di Cicco (e-mails on the website).

    Camerino, 7-Nov-2013, updated 19 January 2015, 21 July 2015, 15 Dec 2017, 4 Feb 2019, 8 Jan 2021, 15 Feb 2024

    Current updated GNXAS version:

    Version 12.2023 (Camerino source)

    Linux 64 bits, Mac 64 bits

    *gfortran common source

    Older versions: UNIX OSF1, OpenVMS


    Last revised 8 January 2021 - Andrea Di Cicco

  • COPYRIGHT 1996-today XAS group University of Camerino - Responsible: A. Di Cicco

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