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Antonio Di Cicco (1931-1989) was an Italian writer who wrote several novels and tales publishing only three of them in the last 9 years of his life. He also wrote, in collaboration with C. Venturi, several didactic books about literature for middle and high schools and for the University. His sons wanted to honor his memory opening this free-access internet page containing published and unpublished matter which hopefully will help to maintain his work alive.
This page is linked also to the webpage of Antonio's wife Elena (mother of Andrea and Marco Di Cicco), containing a short manuscript describing her personal memories of key moments of her life, mainly related to Antonio and the family.
We intend to support thesis students and researchers with original published and unpublished material.

  • We send free copies of two published books to institutions and individuals, please submit our on-line book order form.
  • A grant is available for thesis students focusing their work on the present material. Interested advisors and students should contact us by e-mail (Andrea Di Cicco).

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  • Antonio Di Cicco's biography (in Italian)
  • Antonio Di Cicco's biography (in English)

  • Antonio Di Cicco's didactic books: (in Italian, added 24 March 2008, new!)

  • Antonio Di Cicco's published novels:

  • Antonio Di Cicco's unpublished works (in Italian)

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    Links to the home pages of Andrea and Marco Di Cicco. Link to the home page of his wife Elena.


    Antonio Di Cicco was mentioned as a prominent person, representative of his birthplace (Villalago), in the 2013 diary distributed at national level by a known supermarket chain.

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